Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont Review

Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont

Recently I was on a business trip to Chicago to meet with clients and tour my companies recently built Chicago office space. While visiting, I stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Rosemont with easy access to and from O’Hare International Airport. Here is my Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont review.

Getting to Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont

Getting to the hotel is very easy, especially if you are flying into O’Hare International Airport. The hotel is a mere 8 minutes from the airport whether you use a rental car, a ride share or the hotel shuttle. I personally used an Uber to get to the hotel and after landing at Terminal 3, I had to walk out side and go to the pickup area in front of Terminal 2.

Checking In

Hilton hotels (such as a Hampton Inn) has a very easy check-in process. You can either check-in the traditional way by using the front desk or you can download their app on your smart phone and use that to check into your room. I prefer the traditional way for some reason so I always go to the front desk and talk to the clerks. You never know how your stay may be improved by getting to know the staff.

Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont
The exterior of the hotel

The Room at Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont

For a 2.5 star hotel, the Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont had a pretty nice room. Clearly the housekeeping staff does a great job of keeping the rooms clean. I stayed in room 405 and as soon as I walked in, I noticed the entry way floor was recently cleaned and that there was no funky smells like some other 2 or 2.5 star hotels are known to have.

Hampton Inn & Suites Entryway
The entry way to room 405

The room itself is your average size with some pros and some cons. The one thing I liked is that the window was at the foot of the table so if you are someone who likes to wake with the sunrise this would offer a nice view (its somewhat reminiscent of the setup of our room at Amari Havodda during our honeymoon). Room 405 in particular offered a decent view of a nice looking office building (my company has an office on one of the floors in that building actually, so it was convenient for me) as opposed to the street. This provided some quiet as well.

Hampton Inn & Suites View One Ohare Center

While the room was generally nice, the one big thing I didn’t like is that the TV was off to the side of the bed. I prefer to lay in bed and look straight at a TV as it is far more comfortable. As a result, I ended up consuming my entertainment on my phone using my Plex library as opposed to my Chromecast connected to the TV.

Hampton Inn & Suites Room
Overall room dimensions

The bed itself was very comfortable. I like beds to be on the more softer side (pillows too) and both of those boxes were checked.

Hampton Inn & Suites Bed
The comfortable bed

One other thing that I didn’t really like about the room was how noisy the HVAC system was. It was very noticeable when it kicked on and off.

The bathroom in this hotel room was very nice for a 2.5 star hotel. It was quite large, had a very large mirror and plenty of space for cosmetics and the like. The shower was also quite great. The first thing I noticed was how clean it was. NONE of the tiles had any sort of mildew or cracking. The shower head was stainless steel and very clean as well (typically there is some mildew on the heads, etc.). The shower head had adjustable pressure which is always welcome. Sometimes, after a long hard day at the office, you want to get pummeled by the super pressure of a good shower head, right? It’s like a water massage.

One other thing that I noticed that I hadn’t experience in this level of hotel before was that the shower handle was on the opposite side of the shower away from the shower head. This is a small touch but a nice one. Nothing worse than getting into a shower at some hotels and getting blasted with cold water. What a jolt!

Hampton Inn & Suites Bathroom
The bathroom
Hampton Inn & Suites Bathroom
The large mirror with lots of real estate for your personal care kit, cosmetics, etc.
The impressively clean shower with the shower handle on the opposite side of the shower

The Lobby

Similar to the room, the rest of the hotel is very clean. The lobby is welcoming and consists of a front desk (obviously), a two sided fireplace, multiple lounge areas, a food area and a bar.

Lobby Fireplace
Lounge area
Food area
Food/breakfast area


This is where the good vibes and opinions stop. The breakfast was terrible. Full stop. I was super excited to see that they had french toast on offer…until I took a bite. Lets just say I took two bites and threw the whole plate in the trash. It was the most tasteless/bland french toast I’ve ever had in my life and I consider myself somewhat of an unofficial french toast connoisseur (kidding).

I didn’t even bother trying anything else because if you can’t make french toast…you likely can’t make anything else. I ended up getting food at the cafe on the first floor of my companies building instead each morning.

Overall Thoughts of Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont

That’s my Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont review. I would have given this hotel a solid 4.5 before I tried the breakfast. The terrible breakfast knocked it down to a 3.5 or so. Food aside, I will definitely consider this hotel again the next time I need to take a business trip to Rosemont.

Hope you enjoyed my review of Hampton Inn & Suites Rosemont . Have you stayed at this hotel? What did you think? Tell me in the comments below!

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